A Poem

Photo by Patrick on Unsplash

I question: “Why did I do it?” sometimes.

They tell me some people are foolish, sometimes.

It’s not a matter of rudeness, sometimes.

It’s just a matter of confusion, sometimes.

I just can’t believe it, sometimes

All of this exquisite creation, sometimes

Can seem like an abomination, sometimes.

Or a powerful manifestation, sometimes.

They tell me it’s above me, sometimes.

But I wonder if it’s within me, sometimes

Going right through me, sometimes.

I wonder: “How much am I me?” sometimes.

I think it can rule me, sometimes.

We’re like a duality, sometimes

Or like a unity, sometimes.

I don’t know how to describe it, sometimes.

I don’t even know what it is, always.

-Zeineb Jomaa

Insta: ZeinebJomaa



Zeïneb Jomâa

Zeïneb Jomâa

A free-spirited creator, deep random thoughts in writing. ✨💗✨